Reimagine Health

Spring Detox & Wellness Program

(8 Weeks)

Join The Reimagine Health Program today so you can finally learn how to take control of your goals and dreams. Elena Lakay will develop your own custom detox blueprint and guide you through a journey of personal renewal to regenerate your body's optimal health from the inside out.

The Reimagine Health Program is an in-depth route to self-discovery that will leave you more energized, more productive, highly focused, intensely creative and ultimately more fulfilled.


Our client-first, comprehensive approach assesses every layer of your body and mind through a focused client intake process that allows you to truly understand the mental, physical, and environmental factors that are creating toxicity and blocking you from optimal health. The program leverages plant-based foods, neuroscience, African medicine, bodywork, healing arts, herbal botanicals, fitness regimens, and community to heal and shift your mind and body.

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