The Power of the Summer Solstice

The solstice has always been renowned for the bringing of abundance, sustenance, and divine nurturing. The sun is our source of fire and light energy. That very same energy exists in each one of us and it is the force that brings life’s greatest adventures, accomplishments, and rewards. 

We are all light. And the sun is the greatest light in our galaxy. This is the time to acknowledge this and be reinvigorated so that we can continue to manifest and attract more of it into the now and in the coming seasons. This is the time to meditate on abundance and the infinite love that is always present, despite outer appearances. 

Tune in to your Solar Plexus Chakra, the inner knowing and gut intuition that communicates truth to you. Take out your Tiger’s Eye and Citrine, two perfect crystals and channels for this special solar energy. Write a list of things you are grateful for, or just smile to yourself because of how you’ve transformed and grown over the past year. Love and joy are magnetic and contagious, and they begin within each of us. 


We can always begin again. Right now, we can begin again to renew ourselves. We have the sun, one of the greatest gifts from the Divine. Allow it’s power and energy to flow through you. Inhale. Exhale. Smile. You are love and are unconditionally loved. 


"The truth is, stress, fatigue, overmedication and disease have become modern society’s new normal. With pharmaceuticals, diet gimmicks, and stimulants becoming the quick fixes, they often create a constant toxic environment for the body and mind. This widespread epidemic is rooted in a very deep, complex problem and I am committed to tackling this issue head on to restore health, increase vitality, and give you your life and power back." - Elena Lakay

Reimagine Health

Summer Solstice Detox & Wellness Challenge

Join The Reimagine Health Program today so you can finally learn how to take control of your goals and dreams. Elena Lakay will develop your own custom detox blueprint and guide you through a journey of personal renewal to regenerate your body's optimal health from the inside out.

The Reimagine Health Program is an in-depth route to self-discovery that will leave you more energized, more productive, highly focused, intensely creative and ultimately more fulfilled.


Our client-first, comprehensive approach assesses every layer of your body and mind through a focused client intake process that allows you to truly understand the mental, physical, and environmental factors that are creating toxicity and blocking you from optimal health. The program leverages plant-based foods, neuroscience, African medicine, bodywork, healing arts, herbal botanicals, fitness regimens, and community to heal and shift your mind and body.


Begin your amazing journey into true health. Schedule a call with Elena herself, and together you can commit to this powerful, life changing transformation. 

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Summer Solstice Detox & Wellness Challenge

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